Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment is available for men and women ages 18 and over who are legal residents in the Cayman Islands. The residential treatment programme at CHRC is based on a Therapeutic Community

Withdrawal Management Unit

Withdrawal Management Unit (WMU) is a social/non-medical detoxification programme that is available to both men and women over 18 years of age at CHRC.

Assessment and Referral Services

Assessment/referral may take place on site at CHRC for clients in the Withdrawal Management Unit (WMU) and Intervention Management Unit (IMU), or at either of the two local prisons for clients who are

Inside Out

Inside Out is a group facilitated by CHRC counsellors at Her Majesty's Prison Northward (HMP).

Intervention Management Unit

Intervention Management Unit (IMU) consists of a 3-5 day stay at CHRC for people who are at high risk for lapse/relapse and would like a safe place to focus on remaining clean and sober. Many people f