FRC Staff earn Designation to Train others
09 Feb 2020

FRC Staff earn Designation to Train others

Elphina Jones

Family Resource Centre (FRC) staffers have successfully completed the Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Train the Trainers programme.

Programme Facilitators Renee Ebanks, Julianne Thompson, Anne-Marie Diaz, Miles Ruby, Brenda Dawkins joined FRC Programme Coordinator Charmaine Bush-Miller and volunteer Robert Lynch in the training, and are now designated SNAP trainers for the evidence-based intervention programme, which teaches children with behavioural problems and their parents how to make better “choices in the moment.”

Their training was undertaken by SNAP senior trainer Alyssa Keel from the Canadian-based organisation, Child Development Institute last month. SNAP runs gender-sensitive programmes for boys and girls ages 6-11, who are engaging in aggressive, anti-social behaviour and/or have come into contact with authority figures at school, at home or in the community. Experienced and highly-trained staff work with each family to assess challenges and problems and develop an action plan.

Children and families may participate in several components of the SNAP programme, to help prevent and reduce the chances of future antisocial behaviour and conflict with others. These include clinical gender-specific weekly groups, SNAP parenting groups, individual child counseling and mentoring, school advocacy and continued care.  Families have access to learn how to use SNAP in different situations through engaging activities, discussions, role-playing and interactive games. A variety of topics, including dealing with angry thoughts and feelings, self-control, problem-solving and bullying are addressed.

“We are delighted to have several more of our staff trained in SNAP to teach the coping strategies used in this internationally-recognised system,” said FRC’s Programme Coordinator Charmaine Miller.

“Having more of us trained at a trainer level on SNAP will allow us to train more of our new staff and train members of youth-based organisations on island interested in delivering SNAP.”

Department of Counselling Services Director Judith Seymour said:  “SNAP currently operates in many countries worldwide and the FRC has successfully delivered the programme for two and half years. We have seen first-hand the benefits of SNAP with families and children that have participated in our programme offerings, as they develop better coping mechanisms and healthier relationships after successfully completing the programme.”

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