ADHD Awareness Month

An Inside Look at ADHD

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Working from home with a baby during COVID-19                         

“You what? You expect me to work full time, at home, with my 9 month old baby? You…you…you want me to facilitate groups and see clients over zoom with my BABY? With my baby who screams when he is put in something that confines him, who requires constant supervision because everything goes into his mouth, who only naps once a day for 45 minutes….. how?” I remember the disbelief, the shear shock, and the panic that left me hyperventilating while I tried to imagine, how on earth I would manage this. Not to mention the fact that the entire world as I knew it, was completely shutting down around me due to the Pandemic engulfing societies. Is this really happening? Read More 






6 Steps to Summer Screentime

A good way to support your child in using tech as a useful tool is to ensure your behaviour is reflective of what you want to see in them. Consider the devices you have, the duration you spend on each and what you're using them for. Is your time well-spent, is it being used to enhance or enrich your life, is it supportive towads the lifestyle you want? We've all been so lucky to be able to connect with friends and family duing COVID, to work form home and our kids to carry on schooling. Its been our lifeline. But now, should we re-evaluate how we are using technology and what we are using it for. Read More







Preparing Children for Back-to-School & Managing Anxiety

Talk about your worries and things that are hard for you. Normalise that everyone has worries and fears including mom, dad, teachers and other family members. Let children know how you ride your anxiety wave. If you model how you manage anxiety, worry and other challenging feelings, they'll be better prepared to handle their own. Read More








Emotion Coach your Children through Challenging Times

The start of a new school year could be bringing out various emotions and behaviours. Emotion Coaching is just one of our services that could help. In 6 sessions, we can support parents in learning the 5 steps of Emotion Coaching in-depth, so they can support their children and all benefit from the results.

Step 1 - Be aware of your child's emotions

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