Top 3 Reasons to Access the Family Resource Centre

Feel Supported

At the Family Resource Centre, we have a team of caring professionals trained to support parents through challenging moments, including moments of crisis. COVID-19 has been the largest crisis of this generation and is felt by so many families. This period of uncertainty and stress can also lead to other forms of family-based crisis including domestic violence, child abuse or strained relationships which we are prepared to help you through. We have continued to service our clients and the wider community through our Telehealth services. 

Build Confidence and Feel in-control as the Parent

Our programmes, individual sessions and now webinars, are all built with a strength-based approach in mind. This means, we recognise the potential in every client and guide and encourage them in pursuit of their unique parenting goals. Often clients complete their services feeling more confident as they have learnt key skills and strategies to effectively manage behaviour, improved structure and rules within the home and developed healthier relationships within the family.

Experience a Healthier, Happier Family

Families are fortunate to have one another’s emotional support during this stressful period. However, this can be incredibly overwhelming and we can help you discover healthy coping strategies, effective communication strategies, and methods to become a closer unit. With multiple research and evidence-based resources to pull from, we have your unique family covered, no matter the family dynamics. This includes co-parenting households, and families with children of all ages.

To find out more about how you can feel supported, check out our website,, call us at 949-0006  or email us at  Follow us on and Instagram @frccayman