Monthly Parenting Webinars:

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December 2022: Coping During the Holidays
The holidays can be a wonderful time of the year, but it can also be full of stressors for many parents. Join us as we discuss some practical ways to have a less stressful holiday.

November 2022: Raising Resilient Boys

Join us to learn about strategies to support you raising, healthy, resilient boys. This includes supporting their understanding of their identity, their emotions, and how to build healthy relationships.

October 2022: How to Bullyproof Your Child

Bullying can be challenging for parents. With the right tools, parents can help their children address bullying and support its prevention. 

September 2022: Talk Early, Talk Often

Drugs is an important topic to discuss regularly and early-on with children and teens. Join us to learn how to navigate these important discussions.

August 2022: Connecting with our teens

Join us and learn practical skills and tips for building trust, communication, healthy boundaries and an overall connection with your teens.

July 2022: 'Parenting Children with Anxiety'

Are you struggling to support your child with their anxious behaviours? Join us as we discuss proven methods, that can offer help.  








June 2022: 'The Summer Slide'

Are you concerned about summer? Especially screentime, monitoring, safety and the possible loss of learning? Then join us for some expert ideas and discussion.


June 2022: Raising Resilient Children
Learn about strategies that encourage children to thrive, feel confident and bounce back from challenges. 

April 2022: Talk Early, Talk Often

Find out How to talk to your children about sex and related topics.

Keep them informed, keep them safe.







March 2022: Raising Resilient Girls                                                                                                      

Join us On Zoom as we share valuable information with raising confident, resilient girls that thrive independently.  

March 2022: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Join expert panellist from mental health & Recruitment to gain insight into imposter syndrome and how to overcome 








March 2022: Unconscious Bias Training

Join Gender Equality Cayman as Our guest Speakers Guide your understanding of unconscious bias and how this impacts you and the wider community. 









September 2021: Recovery Month Family Skills Session

The aim of the webinar is to empower parents to navigate difficult conversations about substance use with their kids. 
The following topics will be covered:
Identify and combat emotional triggers that often lead to unhealthy life choices
Identify early signs that may determine if a child is using a substance
Enhance your understanding of the risks of substances



August 2021: Back to School Family Skills Session 

Join the Family Resource Centre to learn Back to School tips for parents of all children, and additional tips for parents with children who have ADHD or anxiety. Let's make this a smooth transition for parents and children.





July 2021: Summertime Screen Time 

Worried your child's having too much screentime?                       

Join us to find out how to find a healthy balance During School Breaks and Year-round.







June 2021: Consequences of Spanking

Find out How Spanking can be detrimental to children's wellbeing and development.

Learn effective Parenting strategies to implement instead








May 2021: Talk Early, Talk Often

Find out How to talk to your children about sex and related topics. Keep them informed, keep them safe









April 2021: Parenting children with Anxious Behaviours

Join us to learn how to support your child in managing their anxiety. We are happy to be joined with guests from The Wellness Centre Ltd. and Inclusion Cayman. 









March 2021: Raising Resilient Girls 

Learn how you can support your daughter in being resilient in the face of adversity, be an independent thinker and make good choices! Join us no matter the age of your daughter. Be proactive, be prepared and learn at the end of our information-packed webinar about FRC services that can support you further in your journey of parenthood! We are here for you!? 






1. COVID 19 Parenting Webinar: Talking About COVID-19 & Providing Home Learning Support to your Child: 29 April 2020, Wednesday 4:30PM  

In case you missed today's webinar, click on the recording below and learn all about the current resources available to you and how to support your child's learning during COVID-19.Thank you to the Education Experts of Min. of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands Carol Bennett- Senior Policy Advisor & Manager of the Early Childhood Care and Education Unit, Gloria Bell-Senior School Improvement Officer of the Department of Education Service and Dr. Stephanie Edwards, Clinical Psychologist of the Department of Education Services.




2. COVID 19 Parenting Webinar: Creating Structure in the Home: 06 April 2020, Wednesday 4:30PM 

Today's webinar featured Inclusion Specialist at the Specialist Needs Foundation Cayman, Melanie Coffey, as a guest co-facilitator who provided expertise on Creating Structure in the Home.






3. COVID 19 Parenting Webinar: Positive Parenting during COVID-19 (Part 1): Keeping it Positive in the Home: 13 April 2020, Wednesday 4:30PM

This exciting Part 1 of a 2-Part series features School Inclusion Specialist, June South-Robinson, who shares practical strategies for postive parenting during COVID-19.






4. COVID 19 Webinar: Positive Parenting During COVID-19 (Part 2): Handling Chanllenging Behaviour: 20 May 2020, Wednesday 4:30PM

Watch Part 2 of the series for additional practical tips and strategies surrouding the management of challenging behaviour. 






5. COVID 19 Parenting Webinar: Keep Calm and Manage Stress                                                                                                         

The outbreak of COVID -19 has caused increased stress in our day-to-day life.

Learn effective coping strategies that will help you
and the people you care about become stronger.






6. COVID 19 Webinar: Family Connection: Creating One-on-One Time during COVID-19: 03 June 2020, Wednesday 4:30PM  


We end this webinar series with practical tips and strategies for connecting with family members on a one-on-one basis. Hear interesting views from our guest presenter, Dr. Stephanie Edwards, Educational Psychologist.  





7. Parenting your Infant during COVID-19 Part 1

Parents are facing additional challenges during this time. Caring for your infant and fulfilling other demands can be extremely overwhelming. Learn practical strategies to create a positive home learning environment and improve your parent-child attachment.







8. Parenting your toddler during COVID-19 PART 2

If you’re feeling overwhelmed on how to continue supporting your toddler's development, you’re not alone. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left many parents feeling exhausted and insecure. One thing is certain - staying home and social distancing is an important way to reduce the risk of being infected with this virus.

Learn practical parenting and strategies to support your toddler's development during the shelter in place restrictions.





9. Parenting Multiple Children During COVID-19


Looking after multiple children and other family members is difficult during this time. Each age group has crucial needs that need to fulfilled for healthy development. Learn age appropriate strategies to support your children as you navigate disrupted routines and changes to home, school and work life.




10. Creating Healthy Online Habits during COVID-19 (Part 1)


Now that we are spending more time indoors, it is expected that there will be a natural increase in the amount of time spent on screens - laptops, tablets, cell phones, ipads, television, pcs, gamimg consoles, and so on - but that's okay. Using screens is not a bad idea, afterall we need them now more than ever to facilitate the increase in online learning and remote working due to the pandemic, but there is a difference between use and abuse.

Join us for this 2-part topic in ensuring that the online practices within our homes are healthy for all members.




11. Creating Healthy Online Habits during COVID-19 (Part 2)


This second part concludes the topic on creating healthy online habits and includes some useful tips for online activity management especially during the summer break. Learn how to create an online plan for your family while ensuring safety and satisfaction for all users.






12. Parenting Your Teen During COVID-19 


Being a teenager is complicated even without a global pandemic. Learn effective strategies to keep your teenagers mentally healthy during family isolation and improve your family relationships.





13. Family Budgeting in time of Financial Crisis 


Parents have increased pressure to meet their families' basic needs during this difficult time.

Learn how to create and sustain a family budget that involves the entire family in order for children to understand the importance of making hard financial decisions during difficult times.