The STOOD UP Campaign is a public awareness campaign launched in October 2012 by the Family Resource Centre of the Department of Counselling Services. The cornerstones of STOOD UP is education, prevention and intervention. The STOOD UP campaign focuses on educating the public, schools, organizations and the community on the harmful effects of bullying and to promote a culture of social responsibility, if you see something, say something! This year’s campaign theme, Kindness Takes Courage, embodies our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society. Bullying remains a significant concern in communities across the world. Local statistics collected in 2022 show that 47.7% of students reported experiencing bullying at some point in their lives therefore it is important that we take a united stand and together, we can make a difference by promoting kindness and empathy.


This year Stood Up Day was celebrated on Friday October 6th where government officials, staff, and the public joined on the steps of the Government Administration Building to show our united support against bullying. Businesses were also encouraged to purchase Stood Up Shirts and organize their own Dress for a Cause day throughout the month to show their support. This October, the FRC has been active in both public and private schools by facilitating Peer Led Leadership Trainings and Anti-Bullying presentations in over 14 schools. We have also facilitated Family Skills Sessions for Civil Servants and the community and also spoken about Anti-Bullying on Radio Cayman three times, and have launched a new Kindness Tree Initiative where local entities were encouraged to install a small tree where persons could share kindness through small acts or words.


October is Anti-Bullying Month

Calling all students! Let's take a stand against bullying in the Cayman Islands.

Register for the Fair by 18 October, and submit a project based on one of the given themes and you can be entered to win amazing prizes!

2019 Themes 
10 - 12 Year Olds:
Be a buddy, not a bully
Bullyproof Your School
The Bully Impact

13 - 15 Year Olds:
Don't Be Mean Behind the Screen
Bullyproof Your School
Don't bully, Be Caymankind

Become the voice of your fellow students and school and be able to say #ISTOODUP

Stood Up Fair 2019 brought to you by The Family Resource Centre & Hurley's Media.