Snap ® (Stop Now And Plan)

SNAP® stands for STOP NOW AND PLAN. It is a proven model
that teaches children struggling with behavioural problems and their parents how to make better choices “in the moment”. SNAP® helps children and their parents learn how to effectively manage their
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Co-parenting Programme

Weekly sessions for families who are raising children between two separate households. Sessions aim to assist families with a successful
transition from a one to two home family.
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Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

Workshop aimed at increasing parent’s awareness of their emotions when disciplining their children and learning effective and positive parenting strategies to manage children’s behaviours.
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Family Skills Session Webinars

Monthly independent sessions or series of interactive parenting
sessions to empower individuals and families with new knowledge and parenting skills.
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Young Parent Services

Long-term comprehensive parenting education programme for young
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Individual Parenting Sessions

Individualized parenting support service to help families address parenting issues and accomplish family goals.
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Domestic Violence Training Intervention Programme (DVITP)

Training programme offered to front line professionals who interface with victims of domestic violence and families.
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