Deputy Governor's blog on International Men's Day Documentary Men's Voice
14 Nov 2018

Deputy Governor's blog on International Men's Day Documentary Men's Voice

Miles Ruby

"I was recently asked to appear in the new, locally-made short film, Men’s Voice. The film will be screened, admission free, 6:00PM at Regal Cinemas, Camana Bay on International Men’s Day (Monday, 19 November).

It features other men that are well-known in our community. The 15-minute short also includes the young men attending the Boys2Men programme at John Gray High School.

The film, in brief, explores the challenges males now face – regardless of age and ethnicity. It also captures what the participants see as some of the potential solutions to these challenges.

Once I was told of the premise behind the film, I had no hesitation in taking part. This is a neglected area in the media and I’m glad the screening will help address that.

The pressures of modern life are in many ways different from what they were for men even a decade ago. Men’s Voice doesn’t claim to hold the answers. It does, though, want to give its audiences food for thought.

It is asking us as men and the rest of the community to acknowledge these issues exist and to give them careful consideration. After all, acknowledging roadblocks to progress and personal fulfilment is usually the first step to beginning to surmounting those barriers.

The Family Resource Centre invited me to engage in this topical film because of my work as Deputy Governor. I also chose to accept the invite because of the values I’ve set for myself as a son, husband and father. I’ve been as shaped as much by the people around me as any of the experiences I’ve ever had.

As civil servants, our Purpose is “To make the lives of those we serve better”. Each person can and should live their life with this kind of growth mindset. It is not a hollow mantra – it’s supposed to encourage curiosity in our individual and collective betterment, which includes identifying internal barriers that we can overcome.

Inside and even outside of the workplace, it paves the way for empowering thoughts like ‘I can and I will’ and ‘It is my right to be the best me I can be’. This is in turn modelled in our families where our children feel supported and strengthened.

The FRC’s mission is aligned to our shared Purpose. Its work and programmes help to support and strengthen families – working to achieve the elected Government’s Broad Outcome of Stronger Communities and Support for the Most Vulnerable.

Each year in November, the FRC hosts activities to mark International Men’s Day and celebrate the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities.

"As Head of the Civil Service, I believe it also presents an opportunity to reflect on how we support our male employees. As an equal opportunity employer, the Cayman Islands Government seeks to promote diversity and inclusion. We are also committed to implementing policies that support families and acknowledge the important role of fathers, and I am proud to lead an organisation that offers paid paternity leave to all of our valued employees.

Join me in celebrating International Men’s Day by learning about the challenges facing our men and sharing your views. We all have the power to make a difference and that progress starts with us as individuals.

Find out more by the attending next Monday’s premiere of Men’s Voice. Admission is free but pre-registration is required, so click here to reserve your seat."

Franz Manderson, Deputy Govenor

Men's Voice Trailer