Recovery Month 2018 |Join the Voices for Recovery
01 Sep 2018

Recovery Month 2018 |Join the Voices for Recovery

Charmaine Miller

?Today marks the beginning of Recovery Month 2018! This year’s theme is Join the Voices For Recovery, invest in health,home, purpose and community.
Annually, the Department of Counselling Services organizes various activities throughout the month of September to acknowledge, highlight and celebrate people’s progress in recovery.
Recovery month is also an opportunity to educate people in our community that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those who are struggling to live a healthy and rewarding life. Help spread the word that recovery IS possible!
Catch us on the radio next week & join the conversation:
3 September: For the Record 7:30am
4 September: Star 92.7 5pm
6 September: Talk Today 1pm
7 September: Cross Talk 8:00am
Prevention works| treatment is effective | People Recover.